Monday, February 11, 2013

Ella- Let's talk about the beauty of pillows

And when I say Pillows, I mean pillows that are used at the bottom of the stairs when you and your sister Sofia decide it would be a super idea to go flying down the stairs in a basket without pillows to cushion (literally) your fall.
It's exactly what happened when Ella went down the stairs in one of my cute Ikea black and white baskets and had a VERY close encounter with the wall. The result? A broken collarbone!
We didnt know anything had happened- it was done on Thursday and Friday I just had "that feeling" you know the one. That feeling that you should not, and most of the time in my case CAN NOT ignore. So I didnt. I took her into the doc and she was so brave. She went in to get "pictures of her bones!" and came out with the x-ray showing on bone at a slant (albeit straight line-the way it should be) and the other looked like the top of a triangle. Broken right in two. I cried. She didnt.
To add insult to injury, they did not have a "figure eight" which they would typically use to help the bone stay straight as it healed. So we got a too big for her sling and wrapped her up in an ace bandage. LESS EFFECTIVE.
She shimmys out of it any chance she can get and we figure the bone will heal around her 10TH birthday...keep in mind she is 4...
The doc said it should heal well and she may have a "slight deformity" in the form of a bump on her shoulder...Hmm. The alternative was surgery and putting a plate in her shoulder...No thank you. She can live with a bump that may/maynot be visible! He said if she came back to yell at him on her prom night because her "deformity" was showing with her strapless dress, to not blame him. I took this as a GOOD thing. No strapless, spaghetti straps for you Ella- you dont want your "DEFORMITY" showing...hehehe. Yep. Ill play that one up as long as I can!
So here she is at the doctors, post wrap up. All smiles despite her first broken bone. Oh Ella...

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