Thursday, April 3, 2014

He's back home

Artyom was able to go home again (twice in 10 months!) for a neice's wedding. We were bummed that we could not all make the trek over the ocean, but we knew it was important to his family that he be there. The girls missed him and even though I did my best to help them get through it, they were SO excited to pick him up. Sofia was just crawling out of her skin waiting to get the first glimpse of him on the escalator. When she did? She busted through the waiting area and was on him in a second.
These were the signs that the girls made. Ella would not let go of hers- even when Artyom was hugging her. She was GROUNDED.

I LOVE seeing Sofia just running towards Artyom. I wish I could have seen Sofia's face but looking at Artyom's makes me feel like I kinda did...And cute Miss Ella. STILL holding that sign till he sees it.

I waited back and let the girls have their moment with their Dad. I was so teary eyed, Im surprised the pics even turned out. But man. It was just so sweet to witness.
Welcome Home Artyom- you were MISSED!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First staycation of 2014

With Artyom gone visiting family for our neices wedding, I decided we needed a fun weekend to break things up a bit. So it was off to our first staycation of 2014! I got a great deal (and got some airline miles to boot!) on a hotel downtown right by the outdoor mall. It was great!

The girls went into the hot tub (it was outside so the pool was still closed) we went to the mall and did some shopping, we painted our nails,  we walked around in the sun (although it was still a little chilly- it was great to see the sun out!) we even got some FREE HUGS that a few guys wer giving out (Sofia went back twice!)  The girls decided they wanted to "get to know the hotel room better" so we took our dinner to go and went and watched Shrek. Breakfast the next morning was served downstairs and they were THRILLED at all the choices to be had.

It was an exhausting but WONDERFUL weekend with my girls. I so love being their mom.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014!

With Artyom gone visiting his family in Russia, I was on my own this St. Patrick's day. Well how "LUCKY" we were that a tricky, little leprechaun visited our house and played some tricks on us, as well as left some treats for Sofia and Ella. He even "kissed" their hands while they slept (they woke up to a green 4 leaf clover on their hands where he kissed them!) From green milk and a green toilet bowl, so all our cupboards being opened, shoes in the FREEZER, and many other little tricks, he could not disguize his trail he left of shamrocks and gold coins to the couch where the girls found their own Pot O' Gold! We all even sported green today- the girls in green shirts and I wore my green pants!
Happy St. Patricks Day!


Monday, March 10, 2014

The Russian's birthday weekend #36!

Artyom turned 36 this weekend and since he has always been SO good with birthdays, I really wanted to do some cute things for him. He is also getting ready to go to Russia for over 2 weeks, so the girls and I really wanted it to be extra special this year.  It all turned out so great and I think he had a really good birthday.
On Friday, his buddies at work met him for lunch at one of his all time favorite places- China Town Buffet and I got to meet them. It was so fun to finally put some faces to the names of the group of guys he works with. Good group!
Then Saturday morning, the day of his actual birthday, the girls woke up early and decorated the mirror with sticky notes which contained 36 reason of why they love their papa so much. Some were HILARIOUS! A few of my favorites were ; you take me to China Buffet, you wrestle with me, you build forts with me...I kept them to put in the girl's box. What a treasure!
Then we served him breakfast in bed (Thank you McDonalds!) and let him sleep in just a bit longer than usual...which was not much since the girl's would not let him stay in bed. :)
A few weeks before, I had sent out self addressed, stamped envelopes to all his friends and asked them to help out with a bday suprise. Each envelope had balloon(s) inside, and they blew them up, wrote on them (without tying it) then deflated and sent back to us. I had written on each envelope "do not open till March 8" so for the last few weeks, Artyom has been getting these envelopes and asking me about them. I told him he would just need to wait. It was so fun to watch him blow up each balloon and read each message from friends and family. I highly recommend doing it for someone who needs a new creative bday idea!
Friday night was low key, as Artyom was on emergency call all weekend and we had a get together planned for the Sunday night with the Russians.
So Sunday night, I decorated, and cooked, and baked and we had some of our friends over for a get together. Then we played games. SO FUN! I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. After all. you only turn 36 once!



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sweetheart day

When we were dating and on the verge of being engaged, Artyom told me flat out that he is not the "giving flowers" kind of guy and that I should not expect any for holidays, etc.
Man. I am sure glad he lied!
These were the 2ND bouquet of flower I got. He had 3 balloons (one for each of his girls- and wildflowers and chocolates- my fave on the table when I woke up) He brought me these at work when we met for lunch. I improvised with the container!

I had Valentine's bags waiting for the girls on the table and Sofia, in her own little way, went to the front room and started looking around. Then she came back into the kitchen and said,  "Thats it?!" I was a bit blown away at first and thought- oh little Miss. You just lost your Sweetheart day bag love! Then I composed myself and asked what she meant by that. "Well Mom, you ALWAYS have decorations in the living room and put our surprises there. Not on the table! Where are the hearts?!" I had to smile and I guess these two beauties of mine really DO notice when I go out of my way to make holidays special. They are creatures of habit and I messed with our way. :) It was cute in the end.
And of course Betsy made valentines for the girls. I think the back said, "You BLOW me away valentine!" They were super cute.
I remember Valentines Day growing up and it was kinda a big deal...Not in the sense that I had a boyfriend who would shower me with gifts (AS IF!) but it WAS the 2 holidays in the year that my Dad made me feel special and unique. Not that he didnt other times, but these two holidays, he really made it count. Singling me out amongst all my 5 brothers and giving me my first valentine. I would find chocolates on my bed on Valentines Day and Chocolate covered cherries on Mothers Day. Now that I think about it, if it were to have been any different one year...I would have said something similiar to my mother like daughter I guess.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

60 hours of weekend

We had a big fun weekend planned where a bunch of old girlfriends were going to get together while Holli was in Vegas visiting her Grandmother. Well as life does to us sometimes, things fell apart and I was the only one left that thought we could make it. THEN of course, timing was aganist us and we did not know till Thursday if we were going to have to stick around town. Ended up that we got some kinda bummer news and decided at the last minute to head out and see Holli. I am SO glad we did.
You have approximately 60 hours of weekend. This is what we did with ours!
I just HAD to take  pic of the cute girlies with their matchy-matchy rolling suitcases and backpacks. We had several people smiling and pointing as we walked by.
We went to the Bellagio and looked at the flowers. It was AMAZING. I could have stayed all day. The theme was for Chinese new Year.


Of course we had to get the obligatory pic as we entered Arizona and said a quick "HI" to our friend Natalie!
Thank goodness for the DVD player. We threw the girls in the car about 5 in the morning in pajamas and just drove. So when they woke up, it was a nice break to be able to watch Masha and Meded. The FAVE of all Russian cartoons.

I decided we could not go back home without seeing Hoover Dam. I have wanted to for awhile. It was a quick stop, but I am so glad we did. That place has an AMAZING view. 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just a little get together

I sometimes forget that when Russian's say "little get together" it ends up being anything but...We had such a evening last night to welcome a friend who has been living in Florida and Hawaii the last few years. She is back in UT awaiting to see if she will get a work visa again and allowed to stay or if she will head back home. She has been here for 7 years!
I was trying to explain exactly what the Russians do when we get together and its basically just one big conversation and ALOT of food. The best part? Everyone was speaking Russian. There really was not a lick of English being spoken, besides some of the kids- and I loved it!!
There were SO many yummy dishes that I have missed and it was great to be able to have them. It was so fun. I need to remember to try and have these more often.

We decided to take a pic "Russian Style" which means no one can smile...hehe

This was the SPREAD....well after we had eaten most of it. The food just kept on coming. SOOO good.

Here is "The Russian" boiling the pelmini.                                      All the girlies!