Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cheap labor

According to the news it has been the worst winter (snowfall and temperatures) in 17 years. And the coldest January since the early 1900's. By the look out our front window for at least a month striaght- I will not begin to argue that statistic. All I wanted was a "White Chrismas" I guess you need to remember to be careful what you wish for. We have been shoveling FEET of snow throughout the month of January. And my lucky Dad got to be a part of the shoveling crew of Me, Artyom and himself as we went around the neighborhood and shoveled driveway, after driveway, after driveway. Going from one house to another.
Then as I came home one day, I saw Betsy out in front shoveling our front driveway with the girls. I had to laugh because as I was taking a pic of Ella in front of the snow, it looks like Im completely putting my child through hard labor as she continues to shovel the driveway...FYI- she did it herself and she absolutely loved it.

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