Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bday celebrations

While my Dad was here (again!) we celebrated bdays at Nana's- Papou, Aunt Diane and Jenny all share a bday and Artyom's is only about a week later, so we got together. Josh caught this pic of the three little girls (minus Callie) staring intently at the flames of the candle.. hehe. it made me laugh.
The three of them LOVE to play together and its cute whenever we can get a pic of them.
...and if you happen to notice the SCARY person in the background...SIGH. Jenny was dying my hair and we did my eyebrows while we were at it. The girls said I had BOY eyebrows and Ella especially was VERY happy when the extra dye came off and they were back to "girl eyebrows" again. I went from being a monster to back to being a mom....

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