Thursday, August 1, 2013

Since when?

Since when did my 6 year old learn the art of communicating via text message?! I got a phone call this morning from Sofia who was crying saying that I did not say goodbye to her. JUST to clarify, I did. She was just SO fast asleep that she barely noticed me kissing her forehead. Which is a ritual I do every morning before I leave.
So we talked a few times this morning over the phone and then I look on my phone and see this-via text message.

Sofia: Mom I am criing

Me: Maka...are you ok now? (Monkey was missing earlier this morning so I had to help her re-trace her steps and find him. She did and felt ALOT better afterwards)

Sofia: Yes just a sniff

Me: Well I love you!!

Sofia: I love you to

So heres the thing. Should I be impressed that Sofia is spelling as well as she is...or disgusted that she is trading actually TALKING to a person and not just sending a text. Sigh. Is it too early to start the sentence..."When I was a kid..." I don't feel that old, but MAN. Cell phones? I had a pager at one point in my life. That will be as obselete as a home phone to her. Wow.

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uniquelynat said...

oh how i love reading your blog! but it also makes me sad....and miss you. and i pretty much always end up a little teary.
your sweet babies are SUPER adorable and I would be thrilled if one day my cute boy and either one of your cute girls.....
however i'm sure there are many a mother of boys that feel the same way.
love ya chair!